I became attracted to the RG65 class after watching John Tushingham sail his at Doncaster and after several months thinking about it I decided that I would go ahead and build one. The features that made the class of boat attractive to me are:

● Small enough to be easily transportable but large enough to sail properly

● Lots of freedom to try different ideas

● Low construction costs. It should be possible to build a boat with RC and three rigs for less than £200

As with all classes there are problems, and the problems I foresaw are:

● The small size will maybe make it un-sailable in rough water and on windy days

● Nobody else has one so there will be no racing and it will be difficult to judge performance.

The Rules

The class is a development class with few restrictions. The main governing rules are:

● The hull is 65cm long

● The mast head can be up to 110cm from the deck

● The sail area can be up to 2250cm2 and you are only allowed three rigs.

Within these restrictions you can do pretty much as you want i.e. you can have: carbon hulls, carbon spars, swing rigs and deep fins. The complete rules can be found by following this link.